December 15, 2016


Language translation services involve the movement of written communication from one language to another. While this takes a variety of forms, the most common is providing written materials, such as brochures, documents, pamphlets, books and assorted marketing materials for a target audience. More specialized translation services may include subtitling, transcribing, and voice-over services.


We can receive your written language in a variety of formats. Most common are from the Microsoft Office Suite or other editable files. Since written copy in one language may require difference space allocation on your document in another language, we typically provide you with translated text which can easily be transferred to your master document. This allows you to control and look and feel of your materials for maximum positive results.


Transcription is providing written content from audio files. Subtitling is providing written translation of video files and embedding them in video. Voice-over is providing spoken talent which delivers studio quality translation services. Rates vary by language pairs, word-count and studio time and talent, if warranted.

Prices vary by project. Call us at 317.712.2214 or email: Info@internationallanguageconnection.comfor a free quote.

“Since 2015, the Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites have had the pleasure of working with the team at the International Language Connection. This organization has been key in assisting our museum system in providing translation services related to our ongoing public programs. This team does not just excel at creating avenues for language communication, but responds quickly and professionally to requests for services. Their ability to provide translation for many languages is a benefit to our state’s organizations and businesses. They have also been a great help in connecting the museum to potential program partners in the Indianapolis community that help us to meet our mission in providing first-class programming. We highly recommend working with their organization for any and all language needs.”
Joanna Hahn
"We recently engaged the services of the International Language Connection to assist us with a project involving both translation and voice over talent. Not only did they provide expert language services and the talent we needed to complete the job, they gave us access to much needed consultation which produced a successful campaign. If what you are looking for is a trustworthy company, The International Language Connection is the one. I recommend them without a doubt."
Ana Kotchkoski