Multicultural Training


At the International Language Connection, we give you more than language. We give you the context to communicate successfully with others, particularly those who don’t share your cultural values.

  • Which picture should you select for your marketing materials?
  • Who should you greet first in a business meeting?
  • How do you present a business card to a Japanese client?
  • When is it appropriate to call an Indian by their first name?
  • How do you design a meeting agenda for a Chinese businessman?


Our multicultural training offers answers to these questions! It will also help predict the success or failure of your business relationship.

Multicultural Training help you not only identify the cultural values you use everyday, but also those of your friends and business associates. As a result it helps you forge relationships, strengthen bonds and create successful business partners around the world.

Our multicultural training is designed to meet your every need. They can be done in a “lunch and learn” style or be extended into multi-session training for all employees.

“We were pleased to partner with the International Language Connection as they brought their expertise to our Community Center here in Indianapolis. In addition to training many in out community with skills to work as interpreters, they helped broaden our outreach to our diverse community with multicultural sensitivity, making our Center even more successful in our work!”
Peggy Frame

"The International Language Connection presented a Multi-Cultural Training for our group of 40, mostly full-time Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation employees. The training had a special focus on Chinese and Indian cultures as these are groups in our community we serve on a regular basis. As a result of this presentation, we now feel more prepared to positively interact with individuals from these and many other cultures. This is important to us because we strive to provide our community with high-level recreation programming and quality park and facility experiences while delivering the best customer service possible. Thank you, International Language Connection, for helping us to better include and communicate with all individuals living in our community!"
 Jennifer Brown