December 15, 2016

Interpretation Services

The International Language Connection provides an array of live language interpretation services to meet your needs. Each interpretation can be provided in over 200 languages including American Sign Language (ASL). There are three basic methods to deliver this service.

Simultaneous interpretation services are often used for conferences and events where the language interpreter is provided an audio feed of the speakers and presentations, and then immediately interprets and broadcasts the desired language to the audience. This requires special equipment and individual earphones, as well as highly trained interpreters. ILC can fully equip your event, accommodating multiple languages at once.

Consecutive language interpreters are quite useful in settings such as medical appointments, job interviews, legal proceedings and small meetings. In contrast to simultaneous interpretation services, the speaker and interpreter “take turns” communicating the message to the audience and clients. This allows for increased precision as well as the opportunity for some conversation between the two language pairs.

Escort interpreting is perhaps the most casual of our language interpretation services. The interpreter accompanies the client and offers to provide language services as needed. This is ideal for international guests and clients who may need regular to occasional assistance with language services during their visit. It is a perfect concierge service to special clients who need and deserve high quality customer service.

The International Language Connection can provide the highest quality interpreters anywhere in the world. Call us at 317.712.2214 or email: Info@internationallanguageconnection.comfor immediate assistance!