December 15, 2016

Interpretation Services

ILC provides an array of live language interpretation services. We can provide interpretation in over 200 languages including American Sign Language (ASL).


Simultaneous interpretation services are often used for conferences and events. Interpreters are provided with an audio feed of the speaker, then immediately interpreting and broadcasting the desired language to the audience. This requires special equipment and individual earphones, as well as highly trained interpreters. ILC can fully facilitate your event, accommodating multiple languages at once.


Consecutive language interpreters are useful for medical appointments, job interviews, legal proceedings and small meetings. In these settings, the speaker and interpreter “take turns” communicating the message to the audience and clients. This allows for both increased precision and enhanced communication with your clients.


Escort interpretation services are ideal for international guests and clients who may need assistance with language services during their visit. It is a perfect concierge service for special clients who need and deserve high quality customer service.


ILC provides high quality interpreters anywhere in the world. Call us at 317.712.6443 or Email: for immediate assistance.


“Our organization has engaged the services of the International Language Connection assisting us in our outreach and training. They have provided multiple “live” and “simultaneous” interpretation services for our organization, resulting in effective and positive results in our training programs. In addition to the extraordinary language skills they provide, we have been blessed to receive unparalleled customer service and on a deeply personal note, human kindness. Every encounter with them has always exceeded our expectations, going far beyond the levels of professionalism and language competency that we anticipated. I would unhesitatingly recommend them to any organization or business that requires language or cultural training, and would welcome additional questions from anyone interested in utilizing their services.”
Ashley Thomas
“As a planner, it is important that I can rely on my partners to ensure that every detail is executed perfectly. International Language Connection is prompt, efficient, and easy to work with. Knowing I can trust that ILC’s staff will show up and be able to communicate to my clients in their native language makes my job easier.”
Kaylin Dedinsky, CMP, CMCP
“The NGLCC worked with International Language Connection to offer simultaneous interpretation from English to Spanish during the 2016 International LGBT Business & Leadership Conference […] at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Spring, California […]. We were very pleased with the professionalism and service they provided, and […] the entire team was extremely courteous, responsive, and willing to work with us to deliver interpretation services that met the specific needs of our conference. The quality of the interpretation and level of service NGLCC experienced with International Language Connection was excellent, and we would certainly recommend their business to others."
Orain Edwards
"Klezmer Maudlin was fortunate to utilize the services of the International Language Connection. We had a pressing need for Sign Language Interpretation for a client,  and "ILC" responded quickly and professionally with a talented linguist. Their service was exactly what we needed and we would happily use them again. We certainly recommend them to anyone who needs language services!"
Janell Hanna
Bilingual Paralegal, Klezmer Maudlin, PC