January 17, 2021

Language Courses

Do you have an interest in learning a second language? Are you traveling soon and want to learn key phrases? Do you want to surprise customers/coworkers by greeting them in their native language? Our customized language instruction services are the way to go!

We can provide you with fundamentals all the way to fluency. Our methodology is geared toward adult learning styles, with focus on conversation, listening and mastery of words and phrases that are useful and practical for your needs.


Our language instruction services utilize selected tutors who meet our rigid criteria for high fluency, skilled at instruction and who are passionate about sharing their language and culture with you. They know the latest, popular phrases that people speak today, so you’ll be speaking “like a local” wherever you go!


We offer highly individualized courses that respond to your learning needs. A mother and son want to be tutored in mandarin. A small business wants on-site classes for their employees. A friend wants to start language classes as his New Year’s resolution. Group classes are typically six weeks for 75 minutes per class. Individual tutoring is scheduled as often as you wish! At ILC, we start where you are and build your confidence at the pace which works best for you!


Six session group classes are $199 with guaranteed satisfaction.  Individual tutoring begins at $50 an hour.

“International Language Connection staff  have special teachers that make you want to learn. Besides being master translators and linguists they have that extra gift for getting their students proficient and confident."
Mark C. England
"As a teacher myself, I highly recommend ILC as a language provider. I started to take lessons so that I could better communicate with my students and their families. What I did not realize, is that I would gain an expertise and sensitivity to cultural difference that made an immediate difference in my classroom. I would highly recommend ILC to anyone who wants to learn not only a language, but who wants to open their eyes to new cultures."
Angie Schott
Elementary School Music Teacher
"We were very fortunate to have ILC’s instructor as our son’s Spanish teacher for one year. We are so grateful for all he gave, it was a lot! He made an immediate positive impact on our son’s motivation. From the first lesson that he provided, he gave the best possible learning environment and helped our son to feel confident studying the new foreign language. We know the instructor as a dedicated, passionate teacher with an extremely positive and cheerful attitude. He was always caring towards our son who very much enjoyed the lessons."
Anna Brackman